EHG Ripener 1 Litre Grow Nutrients For Cannabis


Best nutrients for Hydro/soil/coco grow

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EHG Ripener 1 litre speeds up and enhances the ripening process in late flowering. Part of the Easy Hydro Grow range.

Growing with hydroponics comes with many advantages, the biggest of which is a greatly increased rate of growth in your plants. With the proper setup, your plants will mature up to 25% faster and produce up to 30% more than the same plants grown in soil.

Your plants will grow bigger and faster because they will not have to work as hard to obtain nutrients. Even a small root system will provide the plant exactly what it needs, so the plant will focus more on growing upstairs instead of expanding the root system downstairs.

All of this is possible through careful control of your nutrient solution and pH levels. A hydroponic system will also use less water than soil-based plants because the system is enclosed, which results in less evaporation. Believe it or not, hydroponics is better for the environment because it reduces waste and pollution from soil runoff

EHG Ripener signals to the plant that it is coming to the end of its life. The plant then speeds up the ripening process and reinforces its defences. Helps the plant to metabolise the build-up of nitrate and microelements which results in an improvement in taste.

EHG (Easy Hydro Grow) 3 part series (Grow, Micro and Bloom) gives the complete nutrient combination for every step of your plant growth. EHG was formulated in 2012. The product was only released onto the market in 2014 and has since been making headway with many users.
As a complete nutrient solution, EHG is fitting for all nurseries and an extremely broad selection of crop types.


Phosphorus P 22,6g/kg

Potassium K 38.5g/kg

Magnesium Mg 14,9g/kg


2.5-3ml  per 1 litre of water in weeks 7 and 8 of the flower cycle. (Use only Ripener in Week 7 & 8)

  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • Shake well before use
  • Do not mix formulas
  • Place each component separately in the reservoir.

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